Wall Mount Yoga Mat Foam Roller and Towel Rack Holder- Wall Storage Mount Wall Holder Storage Shelf for Your Fitness Class or Home Gym Metal Adjustable size Up to 20Lbs ?4 pack?

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Quantity: 4/PK. Hold 4 Yoga Mat Foam Rollers - No Yoga Mat Foam Rollers included. Hardware Included. Strong Adjustable Rack - Our rack is made of metal . Suitable for most yoga mats Foam Rollers. The distance between the two rods of the rack is adjustable. You can expand it or grip it according to the size of your mats. keep the mat as tight as possible.It's easier to grab your mat Powerful functions: Hold up to 20 Lbs, - You can bend it to fit your different sizes of mats. - No scratches, The hanger is wrapped with rubber, Don't worry about the scratches. Keep your Yoga Mat Foam Rollers in shape Classic design blends with any decorating style ?You can add color and decoration to your bathroom with your luxurious and colorful towels. The wall rack is perfect for storing bath or hand towels, when rolled up it looks decorative and beautiful on your wall Multi-Purpose: Great for storing small size foam rollers, bathroom towels, wine or liquor bottles, water bottles, gloves, duffle bags, coiled up cords, lightweight purse, shopping bag or headphones, heavy skateboard, heavy snowboard, Hat, Helmet, Coat, etc. Waiting for your imagination. beautifully display them for a fraction of the cost?

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