PARTU BS-03 HEPA Air Filter Replacement Filter 3-in-1 filtration system include Pre-Filter True HEPA Filter Activated Carbon Filter.

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Product Description

When do i need to replace filter?

1. The filter is too dirty after 3-6months usage

2. There's odor smells (Moisture will affect filter's condition)

3. The filter is not work at all (Please Contact us first)

How do i know if it works?

Please check the HEPA filter's color to relief your concern on whether the machine is purifying the air. The unused filter inside is completely white.

How to maximize equipment effectiveness?

Best way to run this to set on full speed when you are not in the room and close the door and windows.

Trouble shooting

?For first use: It has some smells at the beginning as it carbon-based, which is quite normal and it will disappear after several hours of usage.

?Damp smell: It may have some odd smells after a long time use or after filter got damped, it's the high time to change a new filter.

Right storage suggestion

It should be stored in a dry location protected against moisture.


PARTU provides all our customers 24 months warranty and lifetime support from the date of its original purchase; If you need help, please send an email to us with the order number and other details about the problem. We promise 24h quick response after receiving your message.

package  1 xTrue hepa filter 1 x Manual

Dimensions:  Diameter(D): 50.8 inch High(D) 32.3 inch