CJL Mini Bag Sealer-1-Pack-?Portable Heat Vacuum Sealers Plastic Sealer for Airtight Food Storage Saver?Portable Bag Resealer Machine Food Saver for Plastic Bags Storage Chip Snack Cookies Fresh?Gadgets for home

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[IMPORTANT TIPS]: 1. This is a bags sealing machine that can only seal food bags?it can keep your food fresh and taste, avoid waste, save money and promote environmental protection. 2. Please use two AA alkaline batteries, otherwise it cannot be used normally?the battery power determines the sealing effect(This product does not come with a battery) 3. Do not use it for heating more than 3 minutes at a time, and use it at intervals of 3-5minutes after each use. 4. This item suitable for plastic bags of PE/PP/PVC, etc. Attention the pure paper bags and aluminum foil packaging bag are not suitable. 5. The moving speed of the seal depends on the thickness of the plastic bag, the thinner you need to seal quickly, otherwise, it will break easily. The thick ones need to seal slowly, or they won’t be sealed. 6. Please scrape off the residual on the heating set for the better sealing effect. When the battery is low, please replace the battery in time. 7. Please remove the battery when not in use for a long time. 8. Please keep away from the kids and Pets HOW TO USE THE CJL MINI BAG SEALER? ? Step 1 Open the top battery cover and install 2*AA batteries. ? Step 2 Preheat first, then pull down the protective cover on the ceramic head ? Step 3 Put the bag to be sealed in the middle and slowly pull it at a constant speed. For better results, the seal can be repeated multiple times. ? Step 4 Once the bag is tightly sealed, please pull up the protective cover on the ceramic metal head. CUSTOMER CARE CJL is a company specializing in kitchen and household products.We advocate that technology changes lives.Our motto is high quality, low prices, fast shipping and taking care of our customers.

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